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If you're using a Supporter account and need a couple of tips in making your stay in Otasuke worthwhile  when supporting your favorite creator, look no further!

Tutorial 1

    The goal of Otasuke is to connect Otakus and enthusiasts from all over the world - cosplayers and supporters alike. Hence, our platform was made for it to be a tool for supporters to give back to their cosplayers, in the form of Happiness Points, either as a token of thanks or to encourage them to create more aspiring content

Tip # 1

Upon creating your creator account, you're given a set number of Happiness Points to start with so that you can support your favorite cosplayers right away!

Click the heart icon under your creators' image posts to give some of your Happiness Points to them.


Tip # 2

To be automatically alerted on their next announcement or post upload, you can head over to your supported creator's page and tap the SUPPORT button under their profile to be alerted of any updates from them!

Tip # 3

Occasionally, we would be having pop quizzes about our top ranked cosplayers. If you know the answer, message us right away on our FB messenger to earn some free Happiness points credited to your account.


That's all there is to it!

Oh, and if you wanna top up on your Happiness Points, just head over to your profile and choose Buy Happiness. Follow the instructions on the screen to learn how to purchase more Happiness Points so you could support your favorite cosplayers more!

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